Candidate for
New York State Attorney General

Sean Hayes has put his money and time where his mouth is.  Sean Hayes started a Second-Chance Business Startup Center that assists at-risk young adults, the formerly incarcerated, spouses leaving abusive relationships and others needing a second chance to obtain ownership in a business.  Sean Hayes, also, assists and mentors numerous proactive and effective not-for-profits build programs that foster entrepreneurship.  Sean's startup center receives no funding from the government.  Sean Hayes is the, only, candidate in the race for Attorney General for the State of New York to put his money (and time) where his mouth is.

Sean believes that uber radical leftists without real-world experience outside of politics has led New York City and parts of New York State to experience a crime wave that has led people to flee New York State and fear for the safety of their families.  Sean Hayes is in this race to spread the word that safe streets, the protection of the rule of law and liberty shall lead to a prosperous and livable New York.  He, also, believes that the formerly incarcerated, if given adequate mentorship, education and training can become productive members of our society.  However, in many cases, ineffective charities and government offices are exasperating the problems.   


Sean Hayes is a brutally honest straight shooter that never makes promises he is unable or unwilling to keep. He believes that pragmatic realists are needed to lead New York State and the present cadre of politicians clearly and decisively talk-the-talk, but rarely walk-the-walk. 


Sean Hayes an International Businessman, Head of an International Law Firm, Former Law Professor, New York Attorney and Former CEO of a multi-national company is in this race for one and only one reason - it his time to give back to a New York that he loves.

You can learn more about Sean Hayes at: Meet Sean Hayes

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