"New York State needs leaders with experience and a willingness and ability to develop pragmatic solutions to the problems facing New York.  Today we are left with an uber radical left and do-nothing politicians that seem more interested in maintaining power than coming to solutions to the problems that are facing this great State of New York."


                                                                   Sean Hayes

 Platform of Sean Hayes

Foster a Criminal Justice System that Considers Safe Streets the Most Important Part of the Attorney General's Office

New York’s recent crime wave was exasperated by uber radical leftists in Albany and the New York City Council.  Numerous poorly-crafted "judicial-reform" measures were passed that contributed to the increase in crime.  Simply, our politicians put the interest of criminals over the interest of victims and society as evident in the following Judicial Reform measures.  Additionally, our government has failed to effectively deal with mental illness, homeless, and the displacement of the formerly incarcerated. 

  • Pre-Trial Diversion Programs
    Increase in pre-trial diversion programs that prohibit prosecution if, for example, one attends art classes. These programs were, even, offered to some gun offenders.  In many cases these programs have proven to be useful and effective in reducing the recidivism rate, however, lack of accountability within these programs led to the increase of the number of suspects on the streets and the empowerment of these individuals to believe that if they re-violate they shall, again, merely receive a slap on the wrist.  

  •  Bail and Discovery Reform
    Bail and Discovery Reform legislation led to an increase in the number of suspects out on bail and an expedited discovery process that is leading to the dropping of cases against some suspects.  In many cases, bail is no longer authorized for certain crimes and judges have no discretion to hold, even, suspects that they believe are a present danger to society.  Sean Hayes understands the sentiment of bail reform and agrees with this sentiment.  Too many people were housed in Rikers for too long on bail amounts that most in the middle class were able to post.  However, we need to deal with the fact that some people are a danger to society and must be held pending trial.  

  • Lack of Discretionary Powers of Judges
    Judges are prohibited, in New York, from considering, in many cases, the dangerousness of a suspect when granting bail, thus, without cash bail or a change in the powers of our judges, we are stuck with releasing to our streets those that prosecutors and judges know are a danger to the community.

  • Increase in Crime in Judicial Reform Cities
    Most Major Cities that Passed "Judicial Reform" Laws had an increase in crime.  This includes LA, Chicago and Minneapolis. These cities "defunded the police," elected reactionary prosecutors, decriminalized criminal acts, implemented bail reform and released more dangerous convicts from jail.

Sean Hayes, as the next Attorney General for the the State of New York,  shall fight to allow judges to hold dangerous suspects (and suspects that committed multiple crimes) on bail and shall work with law enforcement and the communities to make New York a safe, livable and prosperous society for us all.  


Sean Hayes shall, also, fight to hold our government and associated charities accountable for serving our society by effectively and efficiently treating the mentally ill and giving real-world paths to opportunities for those formerly incarcerated.  Sean Hayes believes that we need to be tough on crime and he believes that the formerly incarcerated must be provided the tools to allow them to become productive members of society.  

Sean Hayes put his money and time where his mouth is.  Sean Hayes runs a Business Startup Center that assists those needing a second chance to start, run and be a franchisee in a business. 

Implement a Second Chance Business Startup Center and Sean Hayes' Jail-to-Jobs Program  

We are releasing inmates to the streets that lack the skills and abilities to succeed in society and this is leading to a high recidivism rate and a high dependency rate on government programs.  As Attorney General, I shall never be light on crime, however, we can do much better to reform our prison and post-prison programs in order for the formerly incarcerated to have a fighting chance of success in society.  The present system is tragically flawed.  We are not holding charities and government agencies accountable.  We are wasting money and in many cases the lives of people that want to succeed.  


As Attorney General, my first mission shall be to push for the formerly incarcerated with the proven will and dedication to join an Entrepreneur Training Program and our Jail-to-Job Program.  For those looking to open a business, upon completion of the the Entrepreneur Program they can propose business ideas to a Second Chance Startup Center.  Upon completion of the Jail-to-Job Program, the formerly incarcerated may obtain job placements at businesses associated with the Second Chance Startup Center.  For more information on the Jail-to-Jobs Program please see:  Sean Hayes' Jail-to-Job Program.


While job training programs exist, few high-quality programs exist that are tailored to those that wish to open or operate a business.  With this in mind, Sean Hayes created, within his law firm, a Business Startup Center that can be used as a guide in building-out a New York State Second Chance Business Startup Center and job training program.   

Fight the Culture of Corruption

New York is plagued with a culture of corruption.  Bid rigging, pay-to-play and the reciprocal deals between charities and politicians is leading to waste, fraud, abuse and a population that increasingly feels like it can not afford to live in New York.  

The solution is a reinvigoration of the Attorney General's Public Integrity Division.  Sean Hayes, when elected Attorney General, shall place the top prosecutors and work with local prosecutors  to vehemently investigate bid rigging, pay-to-play and charities and other enterprises with relationships with the government and politicians.  

Depolitize the Attorney General & District Attorney Offices

New York's Attorney General's Office and many District Attorney Offices are facing a crisis.  Hardworking, dedicated and rational-minded lawyers are choosing to shun working in the New York Attorney General's Office and NY District Attorney Offices, because of the over-politicization and, overall, lack of professionalism in many of these offices.  

Sean Hayes shall return respect back to the New York Attorney General's Office by not hiring those that are closely connected with political parties, politicians and interest groups and shall, only, provide senior employment opportunities to dedicated fair-minded professionals with a dedication to upholding the rule of law and defending the NY State and U.S. Constitution.