"West Haven and our nation needs leaders with experience and a willingness and ability to develop pragmatic solutions to the problems facing West Haven and our nation.  West Haven and many of Connecticut towns are left with unaccountable governments governed by inept, corrupt and do-little politicians. We can do better and I shall prove to all in West Haven that the answer is in professional leaders like myself."


                                                                                                    Sean Hayes

 Platform of Sean Hayes

Foster an Accountable Government Through Professional, Ethical and Responsible Leadership

West Haven is a city in decline that overtaxes its residence and delivers little to its residents, because of ineffective, inefficient, inexperienced, corrupt and do-little politicians that care more about their personal survival in politics than a better West Haven. 


Our City is, now, the only municipality in the State of Connecticut that is a Level IV (Highest Level of Oversight) of the Municipal Accountability Review Board. This is an embarrassment that was caused by our mayor and a City Hall without the systems in place to manage an accountable, efficient, and effective government. The reality is we are electing people without the experience to manage a city like West Haven. 


This lack of experience, led us to an increase in rental prices (caused by high taxes passed on to renters), increase in taxes with a corresponding decrease in the quality of services delivered to West Haven residents. Sean Hayes shall prove that we can do more while increasing accountability & services and lowering costs and taxes to the residents of West Haven.


"I grew up and was educated in West Haven and seeing the deterioration of our infrastructure, business district, and pride in being Westies is appalling. I know my experience running international businesses with a larger budget than West Haven and my managerial skills coupled with compassionate leadership shall make West Haven the envy of surrounding towns. We need a change, we need professional leadership for West Haven."   


Sean Hayes​​

Education is the Foundation of a Civil Society

Sean Hayes had the privilege to teach at the university level, in high schools and in middle schools and was dean of an international university under the United Nations. Sean attended West Haven High School for two years and graduated from Notre Dame High School in West Haven. 


Sean believes that a great public school system is fundamental to the success of West Haven. A great West Haven public school system, must be led by super star teachers that are rewarded for their contributions to the success of their students. Sean shall work hand-in-hand with concerned teachers and improve the quality of life for teachers and quality of education for students by cutting through meaningless red tape, building business partnerships and obtaining private sector funding, grants and scholarships for our teachers and students. Sean's two decades of private equity and fundraising experience shall be, immediately, capitalized upon and West Haven shall, immediately, receive more cooperation and funding from the University of New Haven, advertisers, local businesses, charities and concerned citizens because our investors in West Haven shall know they have a government that they can trust and count on.  


"West Haven has some great teachers that I admire and respect. We need to reward our great teachers and encourage more of these super star teachers to choose and remain in the West Haven School System by an increase in pay, more educational opportunities and a better quality of life for our teachers. The problem with the school budget is not teacher pay, but an inefficient educational bureaucracy and lack of capitalization on private funding opportunities. We can cut some of the burden to tax payers without cutting pay increases for our teachers by capitalizing on business partnerships and obtaining funding from private donors and advertisers. We can do it with professional and dedicated leadership." 


         Sean Hayes 

Fight the Culture of Waste, Fraud, Corruption & Abuse

Sean Hayes believes that West Haven is plagued with a culture of corruption, nepotism and inexperienced leadership. Bid rigging, pay-to-play, lack of budget oversight and the reciprocal deals between companies and politicians is leading to waste, fraud, abuse and a population that increasingly feels like it can not afford to live in West Haven. This sad reality, shall immediately, change under the leadership of Sean Hayes. 


As we all know, West Haven, also, lacked the basic oversight (or something else is amiss) that allowed an employee of West Haven City Hall to steal over $1,000,000 in taxpayer money. This all occurred under the leadership of a mayor-accountant who should know that following the basics of accounting controls is necessary for her job.


This lack of leadership in West Haven City Hall led to West Haven being the only municipality in the State of Connecticut that is a Level IV (Highest Level of Oversight) of the CT Municipal Accountability Review Board. This is an embarrassment to West Haven and shall lead businesses and potential residents to consider other towns with a more effective and accountable government.  

"We should expect much more from our leadership.  We are being left with politicians who need the job much more than we need them. We need experienced professionals that are willing to give back to society, not politicians that are merely living off of society."

         Sean Hayes

Efficient & Effective Government Service is a Prerequisite for the Success of West Haven.

Sean knows that an efficient, dedicated and effective Police Force, Fire Department, Health Department, Public Works, Housing, Social Services, Buildings and other government services and departments  are necessary for the success of West Haven. The heads of all government offices must be led by super star managers that are rewarded for their contributions to the success of West Haven and its residents.


Sean shall work hand-in-hand with all the heads of the government agencies to increase the quality of our government workforce through education, technology, process development and managerial accountability measures.  Sean has the experience, resources and personality to shakeup the West Haven government and receive the appreciation of not only the residents of West Haven, but all dedicated West Haven public employees.  

"I am the type of leader that enjoys developing great department heads and team leaders by implementing great training programs, building a winning vision and serving the needs of these individuals. A great "Servant Leader" helps all develop and perform at the highest level. A great Servant Leader serves the needs of these people and does not merely bark orders."

Sean Hayes