Why do Many Candidates for Mayor & NY City Council not Support More Police on the Subways?

All but one other candidate for NY City Council in District 1 supports maintaining the police budget (supports #defundthepolice).

These candidates running for NY City Council and most candidates for mayor believe that the election, funding and their future in the Democratic Party requires them to be Uber Radical Left, while some actually believe the anti-cop, anti-business and pro-socialist mantras, because of immaturity and/or the lack of experience.

The reality is money leads the day and the money, these days, comes from the extremes.

For example, AM Metro notes that:

"Proposals for an increased police presence, however, has been loudly opposed by many New Yorkers who made their voices known in January 2020 upon the MTA board vote to hire the additional cops. Among the reason for hiring the officers for the MTA was to stem fare evasion, which struck a sore note for those who see enforcement of this crime as targeting specifically low income black and brown New Yorkers." Ride Rage

I believe that most New Yorkers are pragmatic realists that gravitate to the center and look for politicians that can solve the critical issues facing our city. I suspect more voters to turn out in primaries this June 22 and this reality shall lead to less Uber Left leaning leaders winning elections.

Vote for centrists candidates in the Democratic Party and move our Democratic Party back to the Center Left.

AM Metro has an article discussing this issue that can be found at: Ride Rage.

Sean Hayes

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