Democratic & Republican Primaries in West Haven are on August 9, 2022

The West Haven Polling Stations are at the following locations:

1st District, Church of the Holy Spirit, 28 Church St.

2nd District, Savin Rock School, 50 Park St.

3rd District, Washington School, 369 Washington Ave.

4th District, St. Paul Church, 898 First Ave.

5th District, Simchat Yisrael, 870 First Ave.

6th District, Forest School, 95 Burwell Road.

7th District, Molloy School, 255 Meloy Road.

8th District, Mackrille School, 806 Jones Hill Road.

9th District, Haley School, 148 South St.

10th District, Pagels School, 26 Benham Hill Road.

You can see what district you are in and where you can vote via the following link: Verify your West Haven District.


Sean Hayes is running for Mayor of West Haven, CT in the 2023 West Haven Mayoral Election.

Sean Hayes is an International Lawyer, Entrepreneur, International Business Executive, Head of an International Law Firm, Former Law Professor and Former CEO of a multinational company that, presently, runs a Business Startup Center, Int'l Law Firm and is the CEO of an international fitness brand. Sean is regularly quoted by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg and other global publications. Sean lived and worked in Asia (Philippines, South Korea, and China) as a professor, lawyer, CEO and international business professional.

Sean is running for mayor, in order to give back to a West Haven City he loves and understands is heading for peril, because of mismanagement by West Haven City Hall.

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