Second Chance Jail-to-Jobs Program by Sean Hayes. Candidate for New York State Attorney General

Updated: Mar 8

Sean Hayes 4 NY believes that all good people deserve a second chance. Thus, we at Sean Hayes 4 NY built a jail to jobs program that supports the formerly imprisoned that, sincerely, wish to become successful and productive members of society.

I have, through my life, mentored many young adults. Many of these young adults have spent time in jail or prison. I have seen remarkable things from these young men and woman, when they realize that they have talents, have someone that cares for them and they have the roadmap to success. You can, instantly, see the fostering of hope in their eyes. One of my former students spent seven years in prison. He is, now, the head of an international development team working on infrastructure projects globally. We can do better and we do have solutions.

The Problem

I have met so many people that have matured and have no intention to return to crime. However, after serving time in prison, they have a near impossible time obtaining gainful employment. This situation leads, in many cases, to an endless cycle of dependency on the government and hopelessness. This hopelessness, in many cases, leads to crime, drug addiction and homelessness.

I do not believe that we should not be tough on crime. I believe on being tough on crime and I support #refundingthepolice. However, we have too many people that have matured and must be given the chance to become contributing members of society. The benefit shall be to all of us if we can make more people enter back into society, pay taxes and not return to the penal system.

The Solution

The solution is to allow convicted persons the benefit of entering into a Paid Job Training & Mentorship Program proposed by Sean Hayes 4 NY

The Sean Hayes's Paid Job Training & Mentorship Program Proposal:

  • Payment of 80% of the medium income per year.

  • Two-year program.

  • Parolees/Convicts can join the program with approval from Parole Officer.

  • Criminal record is sealed (only viewable by a sentencing judge or via court order) if one successfully:

  • completes the Two-Year Job Training & Mentorship Program;

  • is not charged with additional crimes;

  • meets all obligations of release or probation; and

  • Signs a contract noting that if the person does commit a crime again, he/she is eligible for an escalated jail sentence.

  • Placement of Trainees in Non-Profits, Trades, Banks, Law Firms, Tech Companies, Startups, Small Businesses and Large Businesses.

  • Strict Enforcement Program and termination of trainee or mentor organization for misconduct and/or non-compliance with program rules.

  • Mentor Organization pays for half the salary and government pays half the salary of the convict via a tax credit.

Please see the complete details of the program at: Sean Hayes's Job Training & Mentorship Program.

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for New York State Attorney General)

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