Sean Hayes' Family was Instrumental in the History of West Haven. Candidate for Mayor of West Haven

Family Background of Sean Hayes. Candidate for Mayor of West Haven.

Sean is a 48-year old Irish-Italian first-generation American. Sean's father immigrated from Ireland (Hayes/Quigley) and his maternal Italian great grandfather/grandmother (Staiano & Maiorano) immigrated from Italy and learned English via the West Haven Public School System.

  • Sean's Cousin (Maurice Quigley) is the namesake of Quigley Stadium in West Haven. He owned Quigley Stadium until he sold it to West Haven in 1951. Mr. Quigley was instrumental in bringing big baseball names, including, Babe Ruth and Yogi Berra, to play in West Haven and was one of the pioneers and promoters for the Twilight League and the Connecticut State Baseball League. Mr. Quigley was the owner of the West Haven Sailors and his contributions to Quigley Stadium led to the West Haven Yankees minor league franchise to be at Quigley Stadium in West Haven.

  • Sean's Father (Patrick Hayes) was a West Haven High Girls Soccer Coach, union leader at United Illuminating (UI), boiler operator and manager English Station in New Haven for the UI, big brother to at-risk youth and a Vietnam Vet. Sean's father Patrick Hayes was born in Ireland and came to America in 1963 on the John F. Kennedy/Bruce Morrison visa, but spent the majority of his adult life living in West Haven, CT.

  • Sean's Cousin (Alfred Maiorano) was superintendent of the West Haven School System and lived the majority of his life in West Haven.

  • Sean's Grandfather (Anthony Staiano) was a regular at the West Haven Bocci Court and headed the stock room at United illuminating after serving in World War II. Like Sean, Sean's grandfather Tony Staiano was born and raised in West Haven.

  • Sean's Mother (Cecelia Staiano-Hayes) was a social worker who once was a director at the West Haven Community Center. Sean's mother was born and raised in West Haven.

Sean Hayes learned the value of hard work, entrepreneurship, honesty, professionalism and compassion from his family and teachers. His family and his experience built Sean into a fiercely hard working brutally-honest street-smart problem solver that never makes promises he is unable or unwilling to keep. Sean vows to turn West Haven into a professional managed city that is the envy of surrounding towns.

Sean Hayes

Candidate, Mayor of West Haven, CT

Paid for by Sean Hayes 4 CT. Treasurer Cecelia-Staiano Hayes. Approved by Sean Hayes.

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