Moderates Need to Vote in Democratic Primaries or New York is Doomed to Return to the Dark Days

New York is in a major crisis that may return New York back to the dark days of the City (1970 to mid-1990s). We suffered through over twenty years of crime, terrible City services and a City, always, on the brink of collapse.

Prior to the election of Mayor de Blasio and the seating of the present New York City Council, New York was one of the safest, best managed, and most livable cities in the world for a period of time nearly equal to the time when New York was referred to as Fear City.

The reason we succeeded in turning around a failing city stemmed from moderate fiscal realists in the Democratic Party, vocal and popular opposition and mayors with the ability to build consensus.

How did things, suddenly, change? The answer is simple.

This recent crisis was, directly, caused by the New York City Council and Mayor Bill de Blasio ineptitudes. The problems arose way before the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Pandemic, simply, expedited the realization of the issues by the population.

The crisis was apparent merely a few years after the election of Mayor de Blasio. New York had around twenty great years and all came crumbling down when we lost via the Democratic Party moderate fiscal realists (most of whom were Democrats) and we lost, nearly, all opposition from an opposing party (The New York City Council has, only, three Republicans and only a few moderate Democrats out of 51 members).

Any political party that ran, in reality, unopposed would lead to the same situation. The answer to our problems is that we need moderate pragmatic realists in government with the ability, education and experience to legislate and understand the impact that policies and legislation has on NY City as a whole. We do not get these candidates, because we do not vote in the primaries and in most districts, the primary decides, in reality, the winner of the election.

What is the New York City Council and Why Does it Matter?

The New York City Council is the legislative body of the City of New York. This legislative branch of the New York City government is akin to the U.S. Congress for the U.S. Federal Government. However, the New York City Council is a unicameral chamber (only one chamber, thus, does not have a Senate and a House).

The NY City Council proposes and votes on the laws governing the City of New York, while the mayor executes the laws.

So to succeed, the New York City Council needs those with the experience necessary to understand the affects of laws on NY City and needs the ability to draft, propose and craft nuanced lawyers. While, the Mayoral Office needs a mayor with the ability to manage the arms of government and build consensus.

At present, we have few members of the NY City Council with any experience in anything related to legislating, but a great deal of individuals with experience pontificating and organizing voters - skills with no use for the NY City Council. For most in the NYC Council, the $148,500 is greatly more than they can receive in the private sector. We, simply, have too many unqualified legislatures and, many, that are mere aggrandizing political hacks.

The mayor of New York to succeed, must be a great leader and a great administrator. We have a mayor, now, that is not able to build consensus, since he is radical in his viewpoints and focused on issues that alienate the vast majority of residents of New York. He, also, lacks experience in the real world and is unable and has no experience managing a large organization.

He is a community organizer that, simply, worked his way up through the NY City Council. We voted for a mayor that is incapable, from the start, of managing this job.

What went Wrong with the Mayor's Office & the New York City Council?

Us moderates and realists need to vote or we are doomed to bad government. We are not voting in primaries. If you are in a Democratic-controlled district (all but three districts) you must vote in your primaries.

Vote for those with high-level experience and those that are political moderate and fiscal realists if you would like to solve the problems facing this City. The majority of the members of the New York City Council could never obtain a job as high paying as a NY City Council job. We need members of the NY Council that sacrifice to serve the City they love. Simply, the present group of pontificators are not up for the task.

It is terribly sad, we all became complacent and the low voter turnout in Democratic Primaries led to radical elements within the NY City Council and the election of a radical do-nothing mayor that lacked even the most basic administrative and management skills.

This radicalization occurs, because the most polarized, often, vote in primaries, while the mainstream do not vote, often, in primaries. This reality must change.

We need to return to the days when we had good, loyal, strong and independent members of the New York City Council with experience in more than, simply, "community organizing," identity politics, pontification and paying back those that supported the respective member of the NY City Council. We can do it. We just need to vote.

Register to Vote. Vote in the Primary.

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