New York's Battle for Survival

Pulitzer Prize Winner Peggy Noonan wrote an excellent article on the troubles facing New York City. Ms. Noonan believes New York City is in a "battle for survival" and that we need a new path forward based on creativity and pragmatism.

The Radical Left and Radical Right shall not lead us down the path back to peace, prosperity, justice and social progress. We need more JFK-like visionaries and not politicians that are hell-bent on chasing out taxpayers and businesses. We need balance, pragmaticism, creativity and experienced leadership. However, we need a kinder and gentler solutions than the solutions fostered in the 90s.

I am running for New York City Council because of the dismal state New York City is in at this time. I see in New York similar (and additional) problems seen by Ms. Noonan and believe the answer (and problem) is in our leadership.

We need City Council Members and a Mayor that breeds balanced, pragmatic and creative solutions to the needs facing this City. We need to move from a focus on identity politics and national political issues and focus on tough work needed to bring this great City back to life.

The article is a must read. Ms. Noonan notes that:

1. "Never have we needed visionaries more than now—people in politics, and out, who have an outsize creativity and a deep knowledge of human beings, who can come up with reasons people want to be here, have to be here, would be happy nowhere else. That’s the long-term project."

2. "In the short term, New York needs to hold on to the wealthy—the top 5% percent in New York pay 62% of state income taxes—and force down crime. If you tax the rich a little higher, most will stay: There’s a lot of loyalty to New York, a lot of psychic and financial investment in it. But if you tax them higher for the privilege of being attacked on the street by a homeless man in a psychotic episode, they will leave. Because, you know, they’re human."

Ms. Noonan emphatically proclaims that: "No one can stay fixed in the old world, in the Before Times. We’re in the After Times, and every stakeholder, as they say, is going to have to be generous, patient and farsighted in a way they’ve never been before. That’s the kind of bargain people who know how to survive make. We’re in a battle for our survival, and should start absorbing this."

The full article can be found at: The Old New York Won't Come Back.

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