Paid Job Training & Mentor Program by Sean Hayes Candidate for District 1 NYC Council

We need to provide for students, young adults, convicts returning to the community (Second Chance Parolee Program) at-need older individuals and transitioning workers the training, education, roadmap, guidance and mentorship needed for success. Our program should be modeled after the U.S. Peace Corps, however, with all job placements made within New York City and, also, placement of candidates in businesses, NGOs, professional organizations and trades.

Our present systems are doing little to nothing for those with the will, but not the wherewithal to get on the path to success. I have met so many people in NY that, simply, want a helping hand and/or a second chance and they shall strive to become productive tax-paying members of society.

The Problem

We all want the opportunity to have a proud, successful and productive job that can support us and our families. However, not all of us are blessed with good parents, mentors, coaches or a community that fosters success.

No!! We are not all born equal. How we are nurtured, at a young age, shall have a profound affect on our future. We can give a small helping hand that can assist in alleviating this problem.

We, thus, need to fight to not let good talented young men and woman that may fall or have fallen through the cracks to be without hope, opportunities and a path to success. Everyone deserves to have hope. Everyone deserves to have a helping hand. Every deserves a second chance. Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to be a productive and successful member of society.

The Solution

We need to develop a city-wide Job Training & Mentorship Program

  • Payment by program of 80% of the medium income per year.

  • Two-year program.

  • Formerly incarcerated can join the program.

  • If one has a criminal record, the record is sealed (only viewable by a sentencing judge or via court order) if one successfully:

  • completes the Two-Year Job Training & Mentorship Program;

  • is not charged with additional crimes;

  • meets all obligations of release or probation; and

  • Signs a contract noting that if the person does commit a crime again, he/she is eligible for an escalated jail sentence.

  • Placement of Trainees in Non-Profits, Trades, Banks, Law Firms, Tech Companies, Startups, Small Businesses and Large Businesses.

  • Strict Enforcement Program and termination of trainee or mentor organization for misconduct and/or non-compliance with program rules.

  • Mentor Organization pays for half the salary and government pays half the salary. Many foreign nations have a similar program.

  • All Mentor companies can proudly advertise that they are a participant in a program that shall have a profound affect on our community.

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for New York City Council in District 1)

Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership

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