What is Political Centrism and Why it Can Save NYC?

I am a centrist and I think most people that do not blindly support a political party, analyses the issues and tries to find common ground is a centrist. The reality is, in many cities, the Democratic Party moved Uber Far Left and the Republican Party moved farther Right. We need to come together and Centrism shall be a tool to move our parties back together.

Centrism Defined?

  1. A Centrist studies the pros and cons of an issue and does not default to party ideologies.

  2. A Centrist tries to find common ground between the Left and Right and other opposing factions.

  3. A Centrist believes that it is important to respect the viewpoints of others, but not necessarily accept the viewpoints of others.

  4. A Centrist believes that, in most cases, we can find common ground and solve issues with pragmatic realism.

  5. A Centrist believes that, in most cases, free speech and the marketplace of ideas shall lead to the best ideas rising to the top.

Centrism is Not?

  1. A Centrist is not neutral in political debates. A Centrist may agree with someone on the Right in some matters and someone on the Left in other matters or may take a wholly different path in other matters.

  2. A Centrist does not debase the viewpoints of others.

  3. A Centrist is not Indecisive. A Centrist is simply not beholden to a particular party or belief system.

  4. A Centrist is not a political label, it is a political position.

  5. A Centrist is never Radical Right or Radical Left. Some claiming to be Centrists are mere radicals in disguise.

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