Public Housing Revitalization Program by Sean Hayes a District 1 Candidate for NYC Council

Our Public Housing System is in a mess, because of government mismanagement (NYCHA) and inaction by the Mayor's Office and the NY City Council. The reality is these voters are not cared about by the City and , thus, the City Government has abandoned too many of these voters. We need to fight for these tenants via demanding accountability and developing pragmatic solutions.

The Problem

  1. Elevator outages of roughly 120 outages per day (2012 to 2018);

  2. Slow repair times and many repairs are never made.

  3. NYCHA lied about led paint in buildings and was only discovered after a prosecutor's investigation;

  4. Numerous housing units have serious water leakage that stains and damaged walls;

  5. Numerous housing units have broken floors, walls and rodent infestations;

  6. Some units with damaged water tanks led to contaminated drinking water;

  7. Heat outages. 3,500+ outages affecting 259 of NYCHA’s 326 developments (2018 to 2019);

  8. No access to cooking gas;

  9. Mold infestations are prevalent in most units with water damage;

  10. Raw sewage leaks and floods;

  11. Broken entry doors;

  12. Homeless people living in the stairwells of building;

  13. Drug users, that are not residents, residing and using in stairwells; and

  14. Increase in crime in and around NYCHA managed housing.

The Solution

  1. Complete restructuring of NYCHA. Bring in outsiders to manage the majority of the senior leadership positions. NYCHA is broken.

  2. Hire more tenants of NYCHA units to work for NYCHA. Presently, around 25% of employees of NYCHA are tenants. We need more of these tenants in leadership roles.

  3. Implement a card-key access system and expand CCTV coverage and lighting.

  4. Have a 24-hour a day seven-day a week call/online repair CMS (Customer Management System) that monitors response times. Many units are managed well, while others are managed by the incompetent.

  5. Implement the Neighborhood Safety Agent Program by Sean Hayes. Many of our Public Housing Projects are dangerous.

  6. Monthly Community Meetings with NYCHA.

  7. Expand Affordable and Public Housing Stock via Sean Hayes's Program Affordable Housing Program.

  8. Hire an outside consultant to reorganize the complete management and maintenance systems of NYCHA. The reality is we have few high-quality effective senior managers in NYCHA. Many have left over the last decade.

  9. Create an independent oversight board tasked with solely overseeing NYCHA issues. This board should meet with the community on a quarterly basis.

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for New York City Council in District 1)

Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership

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