Sean Hayes attended a Rally at New York City Hall to Support School Safety Agents

Sean Hayes, today, with only one other Candidate for City Council in the 1st District (Maud Maron) joined prominent leaders in their fight for Safety & Security in schools. The reality is the majority of candidates for City Council and Mayor are hellbent on anti-police rhetoric and this reality is leading to Defunding the Police initiatives that are leading to safety issues in our schools and streets. We are experiencing an 80s-style Crime Wave and this is not the time to cut funding for the police and other related law enforcement personnel.

Curtis Sliwa & Sean Hayes

School Safety Agents are an integral part of the safety of our schools. School Safety Agents "provide security and ensure the safety of students, faculty and visitors in the New York City Public School buildings and surrounding premises by patrolling and operating scanning equipment, verifying identity and escorting visitors and by challenging unauthorized personnel." Safety Agents after training are eligible to become NYC Special Patrolmen and work under the auspices of the NYPD.

All school safety agents must take an exam, receive training and must meet certain requirements including being a U.S. citizen. The Safety Agents must, also, reside in one of the five boroughs of New York.

Sean Hayes 4 NYC believes that we need to put more emphasis on supporting our School Safety Agents with ongoing training, better wages and additional benefits. In some of these districts, the NYPD has a difficult time obtaining and keeping quality Safety Agents. We need to promote these positions and make them into a lifetime profession that motivates the best candidates to apply and remain as Safety Agents. Our students deserve the best.

The salary of School Safety Agents is between US$ 32,000 to $ 46,000 for a Safety Agent and up to US$ 65,000 for a Supervisor of School Safety. The salary, at the lower wages, is not an adequate wage considering that the Safety Agents need to reside in New York City.

This is trying time where it is essential for our safety to #SupportourPolice Supporting Safety Agents shows support for our police and our schools.

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for New York City Council in District 1)

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