Helping Formerly Incarcerated Workers Find Gainful Employment Helps Taxpayers

Helping the formerly incarcerated, mentally ill and transitioning workers succeed shall reduce the tax burden on us all and make society a safer place. The reality is that if these potential taxpayers are not given the tools to succeed these potential taxpayers shall be on public assistance and, thus, a drain on the system. Additionally, many of the formerly incarcerated shall re-violate if not provided with the tools necessary to succeed.

This sounds like a cry for more government spending, however, it is not. Please see our Second Chance Jail-to-Jobs Program (link below) to understand how this program shall allow us to save taxpayers dollars.


Shawanna Vaughn is a friend and a vocal advocate for helping people obtain the tools needed to succeed in life. she is not an anti-police, anti-jail or anti-American uber loony left radical. She is a pragmatic realist that wants to solve problems. You shall hear of more collaborations between Sean Hayes and Shawanna Vaughn in the near future.

Shawanna runs a great charity called Silent Cries. She has written an excellent bill that shall assist those released from prison to succeed in life.

Sean Hayes's Second Chance Jail-to-Jobs Program

Sean Hayes has, also, started a Pilot Second Chance Jail-to-Jobs Program (we are not accepting government money) and the program is a huge success and is, now, spreading to non-office jobs. We have successfully placed nearly three dozen formerly incarcerated and winding up now for a huge push. These are not BS jobs, these are great office jobs with a promotion track. We are expanding offering to non-office jobs. More to come soon.

Sean Hayes is involved in this race for New York City to throw the uber loony left out of City Hall and push our politicians to come to pragmatic solutions to problems and not, simply, live off the system via pandering and doing nothing. We need a change in our City Hall and we need experienced leaders like Sean Hayes.

To learn more about Shawanna Vaughn please see: Silent Cries.

To learn more about the Sean Hayes's Second Chance Jail-to-Jobs Program please see: Sean Hayes's Jail-to-Job Program.

Support good people like Shawanna and Sean.

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for New York City Council in District 1)

Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership

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