Government Accountability & Taxpayer Rights Program by Sean Hayes Candidate for NYC Council D1

The New York City Government has been on a spending spree for the past decade with Governor Cuomo chastising the City for "a lot of waste." This waste and often, downright fraud is leading to the deterioration of the financial condition of our City with government services eroding. #SeanHayes4NYC

We have a decreasing tax base, deterioration of the quality and quantity of public housing, decrease in the quality and efficiency of government services, low morale in our government servants, lack of accountability in government, less affordable housing, increase in violent crimes, higher taxes, decrease in the quality of life and increased fraud, waste and abuse.

We, simply, need a change. We need to vote in the Democratic Primary on June 22 for those with the experience, dedication, problem-solving skills and the audacity to reform and revise the NY City Council and Mayor's Office.

The Problem

  1. The budget for FY 2021 increased by 10% after substantial increases year-on-year during the Mayor de Balsio's rule over the City. We see, with this increased budget, simply more waste - as noted by Governor Cuomo and numerous independent agencies. A good portion of the waste is caused by line items that are added to the budget by most of the City Council Members and cronyism.

  2. Only a handful of members of the NYC Council push for fiscal responsibility and most just push for more taxes and more spending.

  3. Top 1% of Taxpayers in NYC pay 42.5% of taxes with the Top 5% paying 63% of taxes. Many of these taxpayers have fled the City because of threats of higher taxes and a decrease in the quality of life in New York.

  4. NYC relies too heavily on the U.S. Federal Government for support in time of need. Luckily, to date, the U.S. Federal Government has delivered. However, this is never guaranteed as we saw in the 1970s.

  5. NYC taxes are increasing, while our tax base is eroding (Residents are fleeing NYC).

  6. Many in the Mayor's Office and NYC City Council are creating a new Tammany Hall with crony capitalism leading the day.

  7. Many businesses have noted that taxes as an issue causing them to downsize NY operations.

  8. We have been insulated , in many cases, from recessions, because of the amount of street traffic (fueling the economy) and tourists, however, with the closing of so many business, we may see a decrease in street traffic and tourists.

  9. We have around 30% of office tenants claiming that they shall not return to the offices in New York City, because of more remote work.

  10. We have a hollowing out of the middle class because of wage stagnation, thus, leading to less high-paying jobs in the City and less people being able to afford to live in the City.

  11. We have less stock of affordable housing, thus, increasing the burden on taxpayers.

  12. Cost of living is on a precipitous increase with wages not following the increase in inflation.

  13. The Mayor's Office shall raise taxes and may layoff workers while borrowing for more boondoggles.

  14. The only guarantees we have with this NY City Council is higher taxes and more bureaucratic boondoggling.

The Solution

  1. The major issue we have is with our leadership. Mayor de Blasio is a disaster and the New York City Council is simply the arm of a socialist revolution led by a tiny minority of the population. The NYC City Council seems to believe that accountability in government and fiscal responsibility are two phrases that are profane. We need to vote in Democratic Primaries for fiscally responsible Democrats.

  2. We need an independent and non-political Board of Audit. The newly formed NYC Board of Audit can be modeled after the independent audit boards that are prevalent in Europe, Japan and Korea. This NYC Board of Audit must be an entity separate from the Mayor's Office, the NY City Council and the Comptroller to avoid political interference. The Board of Audit should do a yearly audit of every government agency, every spending item proposed by a City Council Member and any potential interested transactions, advise the prosecutors of issues of corruption, educate our population on fraud, waste and abuse and how to report fraud, waste and abuse.

  3. Taxes on income and property must be decreased by decreasing our bloated NYC budget. A decrease in the budget does not need to lead to government layoffs or a decrease in services. We must encourage, via early retirement programs for employees to retire while cutting the corrupt crony deals that are the fame of the NYC City Council and Mayor's Office. A reduction in taxes shall lead to a more competitive and prosperous New York City.

  4. We need a strengthened Taxpayer Bill of Rights. The present NY Taxpayer Bill of Rights only plays lip service to taxpayers and few opportunities for damages for violation of these rights exist.

  5. We need to keep and grow our tax base. Top 1% of Taxpayers in NYC pay 42.5% of taxes with the Top 5% paying 63% of taxes. If we loose a substantial portion of these taxpayers this City is back to the Dark Days of the 70s, 80s and early 90s. If these taxpayers leave, we shall have a decrease in government services and higher taxes. To keep these taxpayers we need to implement the following programs:

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for New York City Council in District 1)

Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership

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