Sean Hayes on Carson's Corner to Discusses the Origin & Solution to the Crime Wave in New York City

Sean Hayes and Matthew Granahan appeared on Carson’s Corner with the host Bob Carson. Carson’s Corner is a leading Sports & Political Radio Program.

“Sunday, April 11, 2021, we delve into the political landscape and welcome Sean Hayes and Matthew Granahan. Hayes is running for city council in district 1 in New York City. Hayes, a 47 year-old lawyer who heads an international law firm, brings a wealth of experience to the race as well as a unique campaign platform. Learn more about Sean Hayes and find out why he is so different from most candidates. Find out how he intends to improve the dire political situation in NYC.

Matthew Granahan, of course, is no stranger to Carson's Corner. Author, podcaster, pro wrestler, activist, among many other things, is working with Hayes on his campaign.” Carson's Corner.

Carson's Corner episode with Sean Hayes may be found below.

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