New York City is in Trouble and the Politicians are the Problem & Outsiders are the Solution!

Sean Hayes & Ray McGuire
Sean Hayes & Ray McGuire

New York City is in a major freefall that can send us back to the Dark Days of the 70s, 80s and early 90s.

This decline occurred under the regime of the present NY City Council and Mayor's Office. A cadre of Woke establishment spend-thrift socialists bankrupted, stole and put us back on the course that may lead us back to the Dark Days when we referred to New York as Fear City.

The Problem

Our City is broke because of more pork in the budget than an Italian butcher shop. We are, also, in the middle of a violent crime wave, we have increase attacks on our streets of Asians and the most vulnerable, we have most politicians beholden to the establishment, we have a deterioration of our public services, a polarized population, politicians with, merely, experience working for the political establishment, an economy in the doldrums, increased homeless, struggling homeowners & renters, a deteriorating public housing stock, less affordable housing and a fleeing tax base.

The Solution

I am fed up with politics, as usual, in New York City. We need a change. We need to vote for experienced professionals with pragmatic solutions - not the typical talkers that ignore us after the elections. We need leaders that owe no favors to the establishment. We need more experienced leaders that shall rollup their sleeves and focus on the needs of New Yorkers.

I am the only candidate for NY City Council in District 1 with comprehensive plans for this City. Please take a look at our plans at: Sean Hayes's Proposals for New York.

Ray McGuire is the Right Candidate for New York Mayor

I believe, also, that the only candidate with a realistic chance to prevail in the General Election for mayor, with these attributes, is Mr. Ray McGuire. Sean Hayes 4 NYC is a proud supporter of Ray McGuire's campaign for Mayor of New York City.

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for New York City Council in District 1)

Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership

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