Sean Hayes is the only Candidate Running for NYC Council in D1 with High-Level Business Experience

Sean Hayes, a 47-year-old father of a Philippine child , a CEO, head of a law firm, professor and consultant to legislatures has lived and worked in District 1 for over 15 years and is running for NY City Council for District 1 in the Democratic Primary.

I am running for NY City Council, since I see that our City is heading down the path to the Dark Days of the 80 and early 90s because of the ineptitude, lack of experience and the reality that our politicians, in New York City, have moved Uber Radical.

Sean Hayes Experience

I looked around and saw no one running with high-level business experience, pragmaticism and with a platform that contained more than just sound bites and jingles.

I am, frankly, the only person in this race with even a modicum of high-level international business experience through my 20+ years of experience heading an international law firm, CEO of a conglomerate, professor of law, Dean of a UN University, DC Capitol Hill staffer and with my experience leading teams of hundreds of people.

I know we need more experienced and pragmatic professionals, like myself, to come forward and serve New York. If I am elected, I shall lose more for myself and family, but shall gain the satisfaction of knowing that I am doing something that shall have a lasting effect on our Community. We need a change, we need pragmatic professionals in our government.

Vote Sean Hayes in the Democratic Primary on June 22.

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for New York City Council in District 1)

Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership

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