Small Business Development Program by Sean Hayes a Candidate for NYC Council in District 1

Our Small Businesses are in a major crisis. The crisis is caused, not only by the pandemic, but by New York City Hall. Too many of our politicians lack the will and abilities to handle the serious problems facing New York City. For an article on the major issues facing New York City please see: Top Problems Facing New York City.

The Problem

It is estimated, by some economists, that one out of three of our small businesses shall not reopen. This is a matter of serious concern for all in this City - not just these businesses. Without safe and vibrant streets and businesses, we shall never bring tourists back, shall lose more productive taxpayers, the quality of out life shall decrease and we shall have less jobs for the community. If the economic activities of our City are dead like in the 70, 80s and early 90s, we shall see us returning to the Dark Days.

The Solution

  1. Impose a mandatory entrepreneurship class and a mandatory basics of business class to our high school curriculum. These classes shall allow students to have the basic skills necessary to understand and appreciate the tools necessary to succeed in business.

  2. Mandate that all licensing and permit applications receive a determination within two months of the filing of the application. Our process, now, can be slow, tiresome and costly.

  3. Mandate that all denials of permits and licenses have a detailed and specific reason for denial and notes the way to remedy the denial, thus, alleviating the costs to businesses in determining the reason for denial of permits and licenses.

  4. Develop a Small Business Incubation Center that rents, at low cost, office space to small businesses, provides information on the regulatory steps to forming and operating an business and has capable business counselors and business lawyers to assist in starting and growing small business. While we have tools in NYC at the moment, many have noted the lack of access to quality advisory services and quality information as a major obstacle to success.

  5. Create a Small Business Loan Program that provides loans of less than $ 100,000 based on competitive interest rates. Often it is difficult for start-up companies to obtain start-up capital. This is not "free money." The government should ask for personal guarantees and all rates should be based on competitive terms.

  6. Create a Mentorship Program and Executive Speech Series that guides and mentors small business to succeed.

  7. Expand no-cost business classes and entrepreneurship classes. Have these taught by business professionals in the City.

  8. Create a Small Business Advisory Council with prominent leaders in the community advising the New York City Council and the Mayor's Office of the needs of New York City.

We have a great City, don't let the inability of too many of our politicians kill this great City. Vote for experienced moderates in the June 22 Primary or we may be doomed to return to the Dark Days.

Sean Hayes

(Candidate for New York City Council in District 1)

Pragmatic Solutions through Experienced Leadership

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