Two Fools Collide: The Ballad of Governor Cuomo & Mayor De Blasio

The childish battle between Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio is reminiscent of a song by Kenny Rogers & Dottie West called Two Fools Collide. This would be funny, but when these two fools collide we are all left picking up the pieces.

Two Fools Collide

You want things your way And I want them mine And now we don't know Just where you draw the line How can love survive If we keep cheers and sights? And who picks up the pieces Every time two fools collide?

You lay the blame on me And I put the blame on you But why do we keep finding faults In everything we do? And how long can we keep righting wrongs So cut-and-dry And who picks up the pieces Every time two fools collide?

The problem is that the people are left picking up the pieces when these two fools collide. This would be funny in most situations, but our New York City is dying and the death is not caused by the people, but by our politicians. Selfishness, power and institutionalized corruption is par for the course in New York.

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