Why do we Vote for Politicians that we Would Not Trust to Run a Business or Manage our Investments?

Updated: Mar 8

The reality is the majority of the members of the New York City Council and New State Assembly shall have a near impossible time being hired to run a small business or even a lemonade stand. Additionally, I doubt one of us would trust them, even, to watch our children, feed the cat or bring our clothes to the drycleaner. However, we trust them to run a large and complicated New York State. This reality is ridiculous.

We are voting for the wrong people to run New York and the systems we have in place do not lead to many experienced leaders to choose the path of public service. We get, in a rare occasion, those with the experience, dedication and passion to lead that come forward, however, we too often do not vote in primaries and this reality leads to the selection of candidates that fall into the fringes. We need much better leadership in New York our we may be doomed to return to the Dark Days.

A great article on what we should look for in a leader can be found at: 25 Leadership Qualities and Five Tips for Political Leaders. These articles were the motivation for this following list.

What makes a Great Leader?

  1. Experience Running an Organization, Business & a Large Diverse Staff

  2. Integrity & Brutal Honesty

  3. Willingness to Take Accountability for Failures

  4. Problem-Solving & Logical Reasoning Skills

  5. Fair & Equitable Attitude Towards All

  6. Active Listening Skills & Ability to Learn from Others

  7. Deferential & Courteous to All even When Disagreeing with a Viewpoint

  8. Walk the Talk. Lead through Example

  9. Cares for the Needs of Others Over His/Her Own Needs

  10. Inquisitive Personality that is Able to Ask the Right Questions

  11. Humility & Self-Depreciating Attitude (Service Mentality)

  12. Ability to Communicate Effectively and Efficiently

  13. High Emotional & Intellectual Intelligence

  14. Resilience, Patience & Ability to Persevere when Times are Tough

  15. Visionary Thinking

  16. Self-Discipline, Hard Work and Dedication to the Mission

  17. Supportive & Emphatic to the Needs of Others

  18. Ability to Learn, Grow and Develop as a Leader

  19. Ability to Encourage & Empower others to become better New Yorkers and better Employees of the Government.

  20. Ability to be Gracious in Defeat & Victory

Sean Hayes is running for NY State Attorney General, since he believes that too many politicians are not qualified to lead us. He believes that we need Experienced Leaders with the ability to develop Pragmatic Solutions. Contact Us and See how you can Support the Cause.

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